This website offers information and resources for learning and taking action. Our hope is that Friends and others will come together in this work as the next great abolition movement in the United States.We want to stop torture as policy and practice forever. As this field of work is ever changing, we hope you will check this website often for information updates as well as our blog for news stories.

Educate Each Other

Need resources to share with others?

Educate each other by sharing information about the fight to end torture with teaching resources such as lesson plans, handouts, articles, suggestions for effective ways to fight torture together, and more.

Educate Yourself

Want to arm yourself for the battle against torture?

Educate yourself by finding answers to your questions about torture and US torture practices,  learning laws, reading reports and articles, and more.

Please learn and choose ways to help. This is an historic time for America on this topic and large change is possible. But it may well take more than one generation to carry this work.

Fight torture
through education

Find the answers you seek here.

Ending torture is a good spiritual work to give yourself to. We welcome your donations and all efforts you can make locally.

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