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Dear Friends,

I recently gave a plenary on American Torture at a national Quaker conference. This talk was recorded and is now available. It is an mp3 audio file called To Go Where There is No Light. I discuss America’s use of torture and the Quaker Initiative to End Torture's (QUIT) call to end it.

To hear a preview of the talk, go to-

To purchase the whole talk as an mp3 audio file go to-

Also – here is a link to a radio interview I did in July on Healing and Torture with Northern Spirit Radio-

The FGC plenary mp3 file is $5. The radio interview is $10. The money goes to these organizations- not to me or The Quaker Initiative to End Torture – QUIT!

I think both turned out well and I hope you will share this news with friends.

Thanks, John

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