4th QUIT Conference - last call

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Dear Friend,

I know how you feel: who wants to think about the Quaker Conference on Torture & Accountability (9/24-26/2010) over Labor Day weekend?
Even if the conference has a superb set of speakers and brainstorming sessions.
Even if it will kickstart the work of ending this awful blot on our national conscience.
Even if it could change our future.
Yours. Mine. Our children’s.
I mean, it’s holiday time. The “last hurrah” of summer.
And don’t we all know it’s been a long, hot, climate change, hard times kind of summer?
Yes, we know.
So go ahead and kick back. Take a break. Get some sun, surf, or just chill from the heavy stuff.
We're with you.
It's all good. Don’t think about it.
Just do it: go to and register online.
It only takes a few minutes.
Then forget about it, and have an outrageous holiday.
Don’t reflect on all the great programming until after you’re back.
Never mind about the chances to do planning and networking.
They’ll keep til you’re rested up.
We won’t even mention the great food and serene atmosphere of the Quaker Center at Ben Lomond.
(No, we won’t mention it; some might think it’s really a vacation.)
But it’s not. The conference will be serious work, on an issue that’s shaping our future.
All the more reason to register now: so you can quit being serious about it til you’re back in the regular routine. When you’re looking ahead to autumn, the full-steam-ahead school year and all that goes with them.
The conference will be there, on the list. A memorable part of it, in fact.
But we’re not going to dwell on that.
Because now it’s time to party.
Register. Then party.
See you there.

John Calvi

PS. It only takes a few minutes to register: . Then go get those bags of ice.

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